Credits for 360degrees

360degrees started out as an idea for a website almost five years ago. It has since evolved into a major initiative with the collaboration of dozens of imaginative and dedicated scholars, statisticians, activists, ex-offenders, students, educators, artists, and programmers. The site resembles our initial concept in a few ways, but it has taken on a life of its own. Each teammember brings to the project a unique experience and vision for building dialogue about the affects of race, crime, and incarceration in our communities.

We would like to thank especially the inmates, officers, victims, and their family members who opened up their lives and their homes to us.

360degrees is produced by Picture Projects, a new media documentary company.

The 360degrees Team

Alison Cornyn: co-producer, creative director, designer and photographer

Sue Johnson: co-producer, creative director and photographer

David Anderson: editorial advisor

Adrienne FitzGerald: research and community outreach

Dana Greene: research

Hayley Downs: marketing, PR, and outreach

Catherine Jhee: new technology and programming

Maria Finn: photo and art research

Sue Gyeong Syn: programming and design

Britta Frahm: programming, design and photography

Kenyatta Belcher: outreach, Social Action Network coordinator

Continued production, research and development at Picture Projects:
Inbar Barak, Vanessa Bertozzi, Edward Droste, Brenda McCarthy, Katherine Bruce Mechner, Takako Nose, Simon Tam

Audio Production

Picture Projects teamed up with Joe Richman and Wendy Dorr of Radio Diaries,
an independent radio production company, to tell the stories of John Mills
and Cristel. These stories are part of their new series, Prison Diaries, and
is broadcast on NPR's All Things Considered every Tuesday in January 2001.

Picture Projects teamed up with Nicole Davis and Elana Berkowitz to tell the
story of Darryl Best and the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

Audio production and editing assistance from Elana Berkowitz, Edward Droste,
John Keefe, Marianne McCune, David Miller and Ben Shapiro.


Mark Shepard, Carlos Tejada, Ray Alba of dotsperinch developed 360degrees' Flash site architecture, interactive design, animation, and database programming.

Veronique Brossier
was a technical advisor and programmed the Flash timeline.

Criminal Justice Advisors

Todd Clear of John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Steven Donziger, editor of The Real War on Crime
Marc Mauer, The Sentencing Project
Tracy Huling, Justice Policy analyst and filmmaker
Vinnie Schiraldi, Justice Policy Institute
Gary Mendez, The National Trust

Special thanks to the many photographers and artists who generously contributed images to the site:
Donna Decesare
Andrew Lichtenstein
Ken Light
Sandra Nydegger
Joseph Rodriguez
Mary Ellen Mark
Betsey Finn

And for photo research assistance and agencies:
Ken Cobb & Michael Lorenzini of New York City Archives; Robert Pledge and Gregoire Sauter of CONTACT PRESS IMAGES; Cynthia Young of ICP, Meredith Lue of Mary Ellen Mark's studio.

And to the scholars who helped us develop the timeline and who wrote essays:
Gila Aloni, Meda Chesney-Lind & Scott Okamota, Tony Platt, Loic Wacquant, Robert Zaller

We would also like to thank:

Stacy Abrahamson, Soundportraits; Buzz Alexander; Eric Appelton, Fortune Society; Mike Barnhill, School for the Physical City; Mike Barr, Oven Digital; Luis Barrios, Eglesia San Romero; Xochitl Bevera; Bell Chevigny; Erin Cornyn; Ariel Corporan, Friends of Island Academy; James Elrod, Young Adults Learning Academy; Eddie Ellis, Community Justice Center; Lev Fruchter, School for the Physical City; Jen Gonnerman, The Village Voice; Awilda Gonzalez, Hunter School of Social Work; Andrew Greenblatt, Oven Digital; Rachel Herzig, The Fortune Society; Helena Huang, Raquiba LaBrie, Noel Pinero and the staff at Soros' Center on Crime, Communities and Culture; Daniel Jerome, East Side Community High School; Annette Johnson, The League of Women Voters; Michael Keck, Producer, Voices in the Rain; Colleen Keegan, Keegan and Fowler; Ruby Lerner and the entire staff at Creative Capital; Barbara Martinsons, CUNY College & Community Fellowship; Andrew Martin, American Bar Association; Lenina Nadal, Hunter College S.L.A.M.; Beth Navon, Friends of Island Academy; Katy Reckdahl; John O'Reilly , School for the Physical City; Daniel Paccione; Cathy Potler, Board of Corrections; Leslie Reed, Young Adults Learning Academy; Saul Robbins, Young Adults Learning Academy; Benay Rubenstein CUNY College & Community Fellowship; Rob Seiden; Carol Shapiro, La Bodege de la familia; Florence Sullivan, Distance Learning Project - Columbia Univ. Teachers College; Larry Sullivan, Chief Librarian - John Jay College of Criminal Justice; Jennifer Trone, The Vera Institute of Justice; Ellen Sweet; Alex Villar, Mark Washington, Friends of Island Academy; Moses Williams, Ajulo Othow and Deborah Warren - Southern Rural Development Initiative