Over the past year, we have been collecting the stories of inmates, correctional officers, lawyers, judges, parole officers, parents, victims, and others whose lives have been affected by the criminal justice system. In tandem with a new series on National Public Radio, Prison Diaries, we've conducted interviews and given inmates and officers tape recorders so they could keep audio diaries of their experiences in prison.

Each story is focused around a specific case and is told from the perspectives of the people involved. As you listen to the stories, you can explore each speaker's personal space by navigating 360 degrees-up, down, and around-prison cells, offices, judges' chambers, and living rooms.

To address many of the issues affecting our nation's growing prison population, we will add new stories throughout the year. Be sure to bookmark this site and come back often.

You will need the QuickTime plug-in to view the panoramic photos.